Big Fish kid

Our team has spent the majority of their lives on and around boats and the water. As a child Brent lived on his fathers gillnetter where he learned to commercially fish. He went on to do commercial seine and black cod fishing all along the west of coast BC. During the off season he became a Heli-Logger working throughout British Columbia and the United States.

Deciding to try his hand at a profession outside of fishing and logging, Brent became a Commercial Realtor in downtown Vancouver where he was respected in his field for 8 years.

During this time he has come to see the need for quality Marine services; with his knowledge and passion of boats and the industry combined with his commercial real estate sales background he founded North Arm Marine Ltd. Brent is a results oriented, knowledgeable and personable sales and service professional. You will find that he is driven to succeed and customer satisfaction is priority #1.

We are Transport Canada Certified with the SVOP, Marine Emergency Duties (MED) 1,2,3, Marine 1st Aid, Marine Commercial Radio Operators Communications (MC-ROC) and is in the process of completing the 60 Tonne Masters Ticket.